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Window and glass facade screws

EJOT self-drilling screws are used application-specifically in various industry branches as an economic, firm and reliable joint in aluminium/steel. They offer significant benefits for the window installation, the window production or the usage in glass facades.

Screws for window installation

Window screws are used to fix windows and door frames. Especially recommendable: the burglar-resistant and fall-preventive EJOT frame anchor: In the past 20 years, millions of windows and doors were installed reliably and damage-free with the EJOT frame anchor. Robust and straightforward processing are the reasons it is the Number 1 choice for window installers - pre-drilling, tightening, done! For difficult installation situations EJOT recommends facade anchors with European Technical Approval (ETA), tested and approved in many versions and substrates.

EJOT frame anchors are particularly suitable for direct fastening without anchors in virtually all substrates. With four different head styles, they allow an efficient spaced fixing of windows and doors.Thanks to the optimized thread geometry, you can easily turn the EJOT frame anchor into high-strength building materials.

For the use in plastic windows, EJOT frame anchors have been tested in the category RC2 and are thus characterized by an increased protection against burglary. EJOT frame anchors - the perfect solution for direct fastening without anchors of plastic and wooden windows in masonry and concrete.


Glass facade screws

Building with a lot of glass is the megatrend in today's architecture. Representative glass facades with their transparency and lightness dominate the skylines of the major cities worldwide. With the EJOT PT® type DG, the screw for T-joints and pressure plates in aluminium glass facades, EJOT now offers a unique solution for the optimal fastening in extruded aluminium profiles.


Screws for window production

For a process-reliable assembly in modern window production lines, EJOT supplies exclusively roll-sorted self-drilling window screws. With EJOMAT a high sorted quality, problem-free assembly processes as well as improved results during automated fastening are possible, and maximum economic efficiency can be achieved. Depending on the demanded purity grade, a quality of 10 ppm (parts per million – acceptable number of defective parts per 1,000,000 parts) can be delivered on request.