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Solar Fastening System

Fasteners for solar and photovoltaic units

The EJOT Solar Fastening System is the first stainless steel fastening element approved by the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt) with which photovoltaic installations can be mounted to trapezoidal steel profiles and sandwich panel roofs.

Pre-drilling is a thing of the past - the new EJOT Solar Fastening System made of stainless steel A2 (AISI 304) or A4 (AISI 316) features a hardened steel drill point. Thread forming and fastening is done in one work step.

Application range:

  • For fastening elevated solar and photovoltaic installations to steel and timber substructures
  • Suitable for metal trapezoidal and corrugated profile sheets as well as sandwich panels and fibre cement profiles

Advantages of the EJOT Solar Fastening System:

  • Quick retrofitting on existing roofs
  • No additional holes in the roof cladding
  • Use of proven sealing systems
  • No special assembly tools necessary
  • Extremely safe fastening with direct embedment into the substructure